ITS Labs Remote Printing

Remote Printing is the ability to print to selected lab printers from non lab machines. Pages will be accounted for just as if the printouts came from a lab machine.

How is it Done?

Download and run the appropriate package below on your personal computer. This will install a software package and and two printers named "RemotePrinting" and "RemotePrintingColor" on your computer. The "RemotePrinting" queue will format the print job for a monochrome (black and white) printer and RemotePrintingColor will format the print job for a color printer.

When you submit a job to either queue, you will be asked for your Access Account ID. This is used later to identify which print jobs belong to you while at a release station.

To complete the print process and collect your job(s), you need to visit a release station and the type of printer the job was formatted for (monochrome or color). Log on to the release station with your Access Account username and password and the release station will display any print jobs that have been submitted by you within the last 5 days. You can choose whether to print the job(s) at that location or delete them.

If jobs are not printed or deleted within 5 days they will be recycled into new bits. Only jobs that are released to be printed are charged for.

Where Can I Print?

University Park

There are release stations with Black and white and color printers at the following locations:

  • Atherton Room 108
  • Findlay Room 6
  • Hammond 325 (Engineering Library)
  • Pattee W116 (Knowledge Commons)
  • Pattee W102 (Sidewater Commons)
  • Pollock Room 201
  • Redifer Room 24
  • Waring Room 107

There are release stations and Dell black and white printers at the following locations

  • Business 110
  • Davey Room 201 (Physical and Mathematical Sciences Library)
  • Hub First Floor (top of the stairs by the book store) and Third Floor
  • Katz Building, Basement, Second and Third floor Hallways
  • Pattee W24 (News and Microfilms)
  • Paterno 201 and 401
  • Osmond First Floor Hallway
  • Thomas Building, First Floor Hallway
  • Warnock Room 108

Abington Campus

  • Woodland Library
  • Woodland 347 (Help Desk)

Altoona Campus

Release stations and Dell black and white laser printers:

  • Aaron Fourth Floor Hallway
  • Cypress 109 and 110
  • Devorris Downtown Center Basement
  • Hawthorn 234
  • Library 100
  • Sheetz Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence 100 and 206
  • Sheetz Nursing
  • Smith 100

Berks Campus

  • Franco Building
  • Gaige Building
  • Ivy Building
  • Luerssen Building
  • Perkins Student Center
  • Thun Library

Brandywine Campus

  • Main Building (student lounge)
  • Vairo Library, Second Floor

Dickinson School of Law Carlisle Campus

  • Trickett Building, Basement Hallway
  • Trickett Library, First and Second Floor Hallways

Fayette Campus

  • Library, Room 200

Great Valley School of Graduate Professional Studies

  • Computer Center, Ground Floor

Hazleton Campus

  • Hazleton Library, Upper Floor 

Harrisburg Campus

  • Library - Cyber Cafe Room 118

Mont Alto Campus

  • Mont Alto Library, First Floor

New Kensington Campus

  • Computer Center, Room 44
  • Engineering Building, Room 8
  • Library, Room 143

Schuylkill Campus

  • Administration Building, Room 106
  • Administration Building, Room 209
  • Classroom Building, Room 201
  • Classroom Building, Room 3

Shenango Campus

  • Lartz Building, Room 101

York Campus

  • Library, Main Floor


Machine Requirements

All packages require a working network connection to download or print. If there is a newer package on the web site your computer will try to update itself with the newest package.


Windows 7/8/10 (32 and 64-bit OS)

Download the distribution package PSURemotePrinting


  • Double click the downloaded file
  • Click the "Install" button at the bottom of the window that appears
  • Some anti virus packages may notice changes to the system a display warnings.

Known problems:

  • If 64 bit drivers for the same printer types are already installed they should be removed before installing this package.


  • Apple systems with macOS should utilize the MobilePrint site.
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Last Updated October 13, 2017