Print Management Utility Information

The Print Management Utility is used to buy additional sheets with your LionCash+ account, change your job limit, and review information about your printing account.


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The Print Management Utility is designed to be used without instructions, but we do have more details about the different functions available for those who want to learn more about the Utility.

  • Buy Sheets: purchase additional sheets for printing with your LionCash+ account
  • Return Sheets: return purchased sheets to LionCash+, may be  only once a semester
  • Job Limit: change the limit on the number of sheets that an individual job can have
  • Details: details about your printing record the current semester
  • Transactions: details about sheets allocated and purchased
  • History: show a history of your printing totals from previous semesters
  • Security: security features of the system

An extra feature is that the page may be opened with a query string of ?BuyPages=x, where x is the number of sheets needed. This will open the buy sheets panel automatically.

Buy Sheets

Click the [Buy Sheets] button to open the panel for buying more sheets with your LionCash+ account. Instructions are shown and the process should be straight-forward. Here's what happens:

  • Your current LionCash+ balance is shown.
  • The number of LionCash sheets you already own is shown.
  • You enter the number of sheets you want to buy in the text box (or pick a number from the drop-down list to the right of that).
  • You may buy as many sheets as you wish, from 1 up to 1000, if your LionCash+ account has enough in it to cover the cost.
  • Click the [Confirm] button to confirm the number of sheets and the total charge. You cannot buy more than your balance. If you have just added money to your LionCash+ account, close the panel and click [Buy Sheets] again to get the new balance.
  • Click the [Buy] button to buy the sheets.
  • When the LionCash+ transaction is successful, your total sheets available for printing, shown at the top of the page, will be increased by the number your bought. Also, and email will be sent to your <userid> informing you of the transaction.

You may click the Transactions button to review your purchases. You may buy any number of sheets any time you wish.

Return Sheets

To the right of the [Buy Sheets] button is a link labeled "return" that can be clicked to return unused sheets you have purchased with LionCash for credit to your LionCash+ account. This may be used only once per semester. It can be done anytime during the semester. You do not have to return all of the LionCash sheets you have in reserve.

Job Limit

The job limit function allows you to set the maximum number of sheets you can print in a single . It will display a text box with your current setting and you can change it. The allowed range is 10 to 1000. The default is 100. If you set it very low, say 10, don't forget you did that when you go to try to print a job with 11 sheets. Don't forget that jobs sent to color printers or specified for larger paper sizes count as multiple sheets, as described in Pricing.


Use the [Transactions] button to see a list of sheets allocated or credited to your account. A table with several columns will be displayed. The columns include:

  • Date/time: of the transaction
  • Total Sheets: the total sheets added or subtracted from your account
  • Sem Alloc: sheets added or subtracted to/from your Semester Allocation; this is the default number of pages allocated by account type. If your account type changes during the semester, that can trigger a negative allocation
  • Unit Alloc: sheets added or subtracted to/from your Unit Allocation; these are sheets allocated to some users by a sponsoring unit (college, campus, or department).
  • LionCash: sheets added or subtracted to/from your LionCash total
  • Description: a description of the transaction
  • Notes: some additional notes about it; if a Unit Allocation, then the unit's name.

You may click on the column heading to re-order the list by that column; click the same column again to re-order the opposite way. By default the transactions from the current semester are shown. You can select previous semesters if there are any transactions for you during past semesters. This feature began summer 2008, so there is no data prior to May 12, 2008. Some accounts, those not allowed to print any sheets for free, may no have any transactions at all.

You will see one or more transaction records for credit requests that have been granted, one per job that was credited. A job credit will add sheets to your semester allocation, unit allocation, or your count of LionCash purchased sheets, depending on how many of each the job "used" at the time.


A record for tracking your sheet usage is created for you the first time a job is printed (by one of the printers controlled by this mechanism) or when you visit the the Printing Management page for the first time. Those records are archived at the end of each semester and removed from the database unless you have some LionCash+ sheets remaining.

The information displayed is:

Data Label Explanation
Date/Time Added: The date and time your printing summary record was created.  This is when you first printed (or tried to print) or when you used the User Printing Management page.
Date/Time Changed: The date and time your printing summary record was last changed.  Usually this is when you printed last but could also be when something else changed in your record.
Total Jobs: The total number of print jobs done this semester, including jobs for which credit was given.
Total Sheets: The total number of physical sheets printed in all jobs this semester (printing on one or both sides counts as one sheet). It does not include any sheets for which credit has been granted. 
Credits: The number of jobs for which some number of sheets have been credited.
Credit Pages: The total number of sheets credited this semester.
Total Pages Available: The maximum number of sheets you may print right now.  A print job must ha