LionCash+ for Printing

Beginning May 12, 2008 students use their LionCash+ account to purchase additional pages for printing in ITS computer labs and classrooms and University Libraries locations at University Park as well as other locations participating in the ITS printing system.

Using LionCash+ enables a quick and convenient way to purchase additional printing pages and replaces the old method of locating a signature station, agreeing to bursar billing and waiting for authorization to occur. With LionCash+ for Printing, students will continue to receive 110 subsidized pages each semester. However, as of May 12, additional pages can be purchased at any time online as long as there are sufficient funds in the LionCash+ account. There is no charge for the transaction. 

How It Works

  1. Students continue to receive 110 subsidized pages each semester; there is no change there.
  2. When those pages are used up, and you try to print a job (or you try to print a job with more pages than you have left), you will get a message saying you don't have enough pages to print that job with a link to the User Printing Management page.
  3. The User Printing Management page displays your current number of pages available for printing, your individual job limit,and several buttons for various functions. You click the [Buy Pages] button, fill in a blank with how many pages you want to buy, click a [Confirm] button to verify the amount, then click a [Buy] button to buy them with your LionCash+ account. See the About User Printing Management page for details on using the application.
  4. The system adds the purchased pages to your record, and will show you your current LionCash+ balance.
  5. You then go back to the application and submit the print job again.


  1. Pages can be bought at any time, as long as your LionCash+ balance has enough to cover them. You may buy 1 or 1000 or any number of pages at a time. There is no transaction charge. Some students may wish to buy only as many as needed for one print job or one day, while others may want to buy some number ahead for convenience.
  2. Unused purchased pages may be returned once a semester for credit to the LionCash+ account. This can be done at any time. For the purposes of printing accounting, a semester usually "ends" a week before the start of classes for the next semester. The two summer sessions are considered one semester.
  3. The LionCash+ account is easily replenished via the web with a credit card or in person many different ways. See this page for details.
  4. A PSU ID card is not needed to purchase pages, but a valid PSU Access Account userid and password and a LionCash+ account is.
  5. Printing does not debit or affect the LionCash+ account directly at any time. When a print job is received the user's virtual page count is reduced by the number of pages in the job.
  6. Page rates remain the same ($0.05 per page for black toner on 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Color and larger size paper are charged the same way, as a multiple of black-on-white. See this page for rates.
  7. Job limits (default is 100 but is user settable) remain the same; the daily limit of 1000 pages is removed because of they way the new system keeps track of pages used.
  8. Procedures and policies for requesting credit for spoiled or "no-show" print jobs remains the same; see here. Credited pages are added to your virtual count of pages available for printing, no credit is applied to the LionCash+ account.
  9. LionCash purchased pages carry over semester to semester. Subsidized pages do not.
  10. Subsidized pages are used before any LionCash pages.
  11. A history of all page purchases, credits, and semester allocations of subsidized pages can be seen on the User User Printing Management page.

Last Updated November 21, 2014