Printing Help

If you are having a problem printing, please ask a lab consultant or contact the ITS Help desk either by e-mail or by phone at 814-865-HELP.

Hardware problems (paper jams, out of paper, etc.) should be reported to the lab consultant (if available) or with this form.

Windows, Printer Not Connected ("Mapped")

When you log on, the printer or printers (acutally, 'print queues") defined for that computer are connect or "mapped" by the PSUAlerts utility, which is also connecting file severs, checking for news and alerts and other things.

If no printer is connected after a minute or so, it may be due to a configuration error, network problem, or a printer driver problem.  Phases of the moon may also be involved.  You can investigate the problem yourself as follows:

  • Open the PSUAlerts debug window by clicking the white paw on the bottom right edge of your screen and picking Show Debug Menu.
  • On the top of that window is a Debug menu, click that.
  • Among the many things there, find:
    • Read Config -- try this to have the program re-load a configuration file that includes printer infomation; inspect the messages which will list the print queues defined for your computer.   If there are none then there is a configuration error.  Please report this here.
    • List Printers -- will list all printers; there should be at least some pseudo-printers such as "Send to OneNote", "Adobe PDF" and so on.  Real printer will have long goofy names starting with \\.  If there are none of those, that's the problem.
    • Delete All Printers -- this is worth a try if some are connected.
    • Connect Printers -- this will try to connect the defined printers; watch the window for some errors.
  • If errors are shown in the debug window, please report them.
    • First, upload the log by picking Upload Log from the Reporting menu at the top of the debug window.
    • Then report the issue with this link.
  • As a last resort, assuming print queues are configured and just won't connect for you, clear your profile as described here.  It's best to log onto a different computer to try again.

Last Updated November 14, 2014