Easily Access your Favorite Programs

With Windows 7 you have two ways to easily access your favorite and most-used programs.

You can Pin Programs to your Start Menu or Taskbar, or you can Create a Shortcut on your Desktop to a program.

Pin Programs

You can pin a program to either the taskbar at the bottom or the start menu. This means the shortcut to open the program will always be easily accessible.

To pin a program, just find the program in the start menu and right-click it. There you have two options for pinning.

Pin a program

Pin to Taskbar will pin the program to the Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

Pinned to taskbar

Pin to Start Menu will pin the program to the start menu.

Pinned to Start Menu

Create a Shortcut on the Desktop

To create a shortcut on your desktop just navigate to the program and right-click.

Go to the Send to menu and choose Desktop (create shortcut).

Now your program will show up on the desktop.

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Last Updated September 3, 2014