Software Classes, Locations, Installation Processes, and Details

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Types of Instruction Software Supported

General Use Software: All Labs and Technology Classrooms

Instructor Courseware: All Labs and Technology Classrooms

We recommend you request installation when you order books. We need at least 6 weeks before the start of a semester to install, test, and distribute the software. Requests submitted less than 6 weeks before the start of a semester will be processed on a “best effort” basis.

  • Software Requests
    • To request installation, contact:
    • Instructors provide the following:
      • Course department, number, scheduled use
      • Example: English 4; Spring ’03; Weeks 3-6
      • Instructor email & phone
      • Documentation, purchase proof
      • Software complete license information
  • Installation Process:
    • Instructor & CLC staff verify the software functions.
    • After verification, the Instructor orders needed licenses. 
    • Instructors provide technical support to users.
    • We do not perform software upgrades during a semester unless they fix critical issues or the upgrades are essential to the operation of the software.
    • We remove software at the end of the Spring Semester unless otherwise notified.

Demonstration Software: Instructor podiums, personal laptops, or loaner laptops

  • Software Requests
    • Demonstration software can be installed in the following ways:
      • Macintosh software may be temporarily installed on Instructor podiums, personal or CLC loaner laptops.
      • Linux software may be temporarily installed on Instructor podiums or personal laptops.
      • Windows software can be temporarily installed on a personal or CLC loaner laptop.
    • To request a loaner laptop, email with the information below:
      • Name, access ID, phone
      • Start & end dates needed
      • Required platform (Windows or Mac)
      • Instructors should request a loaner laptop at least 1 week in advance. Instructors should test software and podium network connection prior to each scheduled class. Software is removed from loaner laptops upon return.
    • Installation Process:
      • Software that expires within a semester and needs to be reinstalled the following semester should be purchased by faculty since the software is not truly being used in an evaluation/demo mode.
      • Technology Classroom podiums also have Ethernet DHCP ports for connecting personal or loaner laptops. For instructions on configuration and use, see:
      • For technical support with classroom or podium equipment, or for DHCP port assistance, contact the CLC Helpline: 777-0035
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Last Updated April 20, 2017