Linux Cluster



The CLC Linux Cluster is designed to replicate, as much as licensing will allow, the CLC Linux lab machines. Faculty and students are encouraged to use the cluster for this remote access.  The CLC Linux Cluster is not designed as a compute cluster for processing large-scale computations. Please contact RCC (Research Computing and Cyberinfrastructure) at rcc [at] rcc [dot] its [dot] psu [dot] edu to request access to their clusters.


These servers run the same software that is installed on the Linux lab computers except where licensing restrictions limit the use to the University Park Linux labs.


In order to access these servers, ssh -X to and use your Penn State access ID just as you do in the labs. If you need an ssh client and have a Penn State access id, you can download one for Windows or Macintosh from

For help connecting to the cluster, visit the instructions for connecting to the cluster for command line access and graphical applications page.

Last Updated September 02, 2014