Share UDrive Files

Connect to your UDrive

Access your UDrive either on a lab machine or on your own computer.

Share your files

1. Right-click on a file or folder you'd like to share and choose Properties

Windows explorer screen shot

2. Go to the Security tab

File properties

3. Click Edit...

File properties, security tab

4. Click Add...

Security tab, adding a userid

5. Type in the Access Account ID of the user you'd like to share with and click Ok.

For multiple users, just separate their names with a semicolon.

Entering a userid

6. Place a checkmark to Allow the other user to Modify the file or folder.

File permissions after adding a user

7. Hit Ok on all the property dialogs, and you're done!

Now the user you're sharing with can access your files by going to \\\users\first initial\middle initial\access account id. For example: \\\users\x\y\xyz123.

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Last Updated October 9, 2012