Connect to the UDrive From Your Own Computer

Wait!  Have you tried WebFiles?

That is much easier than connecting directly and works for all versions of Windows.

First Step: Connect to the VPN

You will need to connect to the Penn State VPN before you can connect to your UDrive and PASS space. If you're already connected to Wireless 1.0 (the "pennstate" wireless network) on campus then you won't need to do any other steps with the VPN client. Otherwise, connect to the "ISP to PSU" network from the network list in the VPN client.

Windows Instructions

MapPSUSpace Utility

The MapPsuSpace program is a Windows program that makes it easier to connect to the PASS space, UDrive and UBackup file servers from a home computer.  Support is being withdrawn in favor of WebFiles.

Download and installation instructions for all versions of Windows

Manual Method (Experienced Users)

Mac OS X Instructions

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Last Updated November 14, 2014