Connect to your UDrive from a Computer Lab

Instructions by Platform

Windows Instructions

Open the Start menu and choose Computer

Screen shot of start menu

Double-click the Network Location labeled with your Access Account that also says "\\\..." beneath it. This is also the V: drive in Windows.

Screen shot of Windows Explorer

Macintosh Instructions

  • Double click "Access My U-Drive" which is located on the desktop
  • When prompted enter your PSU Password in the password field of the dialog box and click connect.
  • A Users share will appear on the desktop as well as an alias to your folder on the U-Drive called xyz123's U-Drive.
  • When you are done using the U-Drive, drag the "Users" volume and your U-Drive alias to the trash. This will simply dismount the disk, it will NOT delete (trash) your files.
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Last Updated January 19, 2016