Reserving Room 100 Thomas Building


100 Thomas Building is a unique University classroom. This 726-seat auditorium contains sophisticated multimedia and computer technology to support instruction for large classes. 100 Thomas is booked heavily for resident instruction courses through normal classroom assignment processes implemented by the Office of the University Registrar. However, University and student organizations may schedule the auditorium for instructional support and noninstructional events. Student organizations should contact the Student Activities Office in 125D HUB to reserve 100 Thomas for events. Colleges and departments wanting to schedule the room for instructional support activities should use 25Live. Knowledge of the opportunities that 100 Thomas offers will improve planning of instruction and events. Call 814-863-8505 to schedule an orientation.


Because it is such a unique and sophisticated facility, special requirements for use of 100 Thomas are necessary:

Orientation & Training

The technology available in 100 Thomas is not difficult to use. However, more diverse and sophisticated technologies are provided in 100 Thomas than in most University technology classrooms. Auditorium users will want to apply these technologies with quality in front of the large groups that 100 Thomas is designed to seat. Therefore, all users of 100 Thomas must schedule an orientation and training session by calling 814-863-8505. Please arrange for an orientation and training session well ahead of intended use of the auditorium.

Presence of a Technician

To avoid and troubleshoot any problems that might occur with the systems in 100 Thomas, use of the auditorium may require the presence of a technician. A technician is available during normal working hours for credit-bearing instruction. Events occurring in the auditorium other than credit instruction may require the assignment of a technician, which will be billed to the sponsoring department or organization.  Please contact 814-865-5400 to determine if your event will need a technician.

Auditorium Preparation & Follow-Up

Some uses of 100 Thomas require special preparation and follow-up. For instance, located at the front of the auditorium are a podium and a lab demonstration table. Some classes or events in the auditorium might require movement of the demo table. Users of the auditorium may never move these room assets!

The lab demonstration table is moved only by the Office of the Physical Plant. Auditorium users must arrange movement of the lab demonstration table by completing an Area Services Work Request Form ( Availability of the auditorium for a window of time before and after its use is required for the lab demonstration table movement. Because movement of the lab demonstration table requires involvement of skilled trade workers, Auditorium users are advised to make their requests well in advance of anticipated use of the auditorium.


Depending on the auditorium configuration required by the user, additional auditorium preparation and follow-up might be necessary.

No cost is associated with use of 100 Thomas for credit-bearing instruction.

Events Other Than Instruction:

Costs are possible for technicians, equipment, and supplies. Please contact MediaTech for further information.

Costs related to special room set-ups are available from the Office of the Physical Plant.

Damages: The person requesting use of 100 Thomas will receive billing for the assessment and repair of any damage attributed to auditorium use. Costs could also accrue for use of an alternative venue while damages are repaired. Repairs are specified, designed, and priced entirely by the organization conducting the repairs.

Some activities may require the presence of a Unversity Police officer.

Last Updated November 21, 2017