Technology Classroom Scheduling

Technology Classrooms may be scheduled for short-term use (one day to several weeks) or long-term use (a full semester). Visit our Technology Classroom Overview page to determine the types of technology classrooms available.

Student use of Technology Classrooms

Student groups at Penn State can schedule and use technology classrooms provided appropriate steps have been taken. All student groups must schedule rooms through the Student Activities Office in 125D HUB and sign a terms-of-use agreement.  In order to use the technology, an officer of the group will need to schedule and attend an orientation session with Technology Classroom Support, at which time access codes and lock combinations will be provided.  A 48-hour notice is required to schedule orientations, and requests must be submitted at the link above.  Once the request has beenr eceived, Tech Class will then proceed with scheduling an orientation based on room availability and provide confirmation to the person making the request.

Please note, if you are using a room multiple times during the semester, or multiple rooms during a semester, you only need to attend one orientaiton session as our rooms have standardized equipment. If you are scheduled in Thomas 100, special conditions may apply. Information on using this room can be found at

Classroom Reservations

To reserve a technology classroom for a regularly scheduled course, contact a staff assistant in your academic department who has scheduling privileges. It may be helpful to decide your technology needs before contacting your department. For example, would you prefer to use a Macintosh or a Windows computer? Would you like your students to have access to a computer during class?  Do you want each student to have their own computer, or can it be shared?

Reserving a technology classroom for an event other than a scheduled course can also be done by a staff assistant within your department by submitting an Event Room Request (forty-eight-hour notice is required). 

Availability of Rooms

 Please use the 25 Live website to determine availability of rooms and to schedule events.

Portable Technology

All general-purpose classroom are equipped with a minimum of a projector, speakers, and an amplifier to use with your own device.  In the event that you need other portable equipment (excluding laptops), please contact Media Technology and Support Services (MediaTech), a division of University Libraries, to schedule portable technology equipment document cameras, analog and digital audio recorders, DVD/VCRs, televisions, multi-region VHS and DVD players, portable sound systems, overhead projectors, laser pointers, and more. Items are available for student use in support of credit instruction. (Note: A class list must be provided). For further information, or to schedule equipment, please visit MediaTech's homepage at the above link or call 814-865-5400.

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Last Updated November 21, 2017