Connecting your Laptop in a PTEC

To help meet demand for technology classrooms, a category of classrooms that have only projectors has been created - PTEC (Projector Technology).  Instructors can bring laptops and connect to a projector that has been permanently installed in the room.  These rooms have also been equipped with ceiling speakers to support sound from laptops.  Rooms include:

  • Ag. Sc. In. 11, 16, 105, 106
  • Althouse 101
  • Boucke 215, 303, 305
  • Elec. Eng. East 123, 132
  • Elec. Eng. West 101, 103, 105, 107, 109, 116, 117, 201, 202, 203
  • Fenske 144, 145
  • Health & Human Development East 317, 319, 322, 323
  • Henderson 014, 018, 108, 117
  • Hosler 218, 218A
  • Mateer 110
  • Osmond 103, 104, 105, 110, 112, 113, 116
  • Steidle 104
  • Tyson 015, 108, 111
  • Walker 009

Please note that PTEC rooms do not have a DVD/VCR. If your laptop has a DVD drive, we urge you to use that device for such playback. If VHS playback is needed, contact MediaTech at 865-5400 to arrange for a TV and VCR to be delivered to the room.

To connect laptops to the projector:

  1. Locate the metal bin in the vicinity of the front of the room that houses the cable and remote to be used with the projector. Point the remote at the front of the projector and press the power button (top left button for Epson, top right button for Sharp) of the remote.
  2. Power on laptop if not already on.
  3. Remove the VGA/Audio cable from the bin and connect to the laptop display port and the 1/8" audio jack. (Mac users will need to bring their display port adaptor).
  4. If your image is displayed, proceed as normal. If your signal does not automatically display, follow instructions provided by your laptop manufacturer to enable external display.
  5. Be sure audio is enabled on your laptop if audio is desired. Volume can be controlled via the "Volume" up and down buttons located on the projector remote (bottom right on Epson, middle right on Sharp).
  6. If during class you wish the blank the projector without turning it off, you can toggle that feature by pressing the "1" key on an Epson remote or the "A/V Mute" button on a Sharp Remote
  7. When finished, disconnect VGA/audio cable from the laptop and return to bin. (The cable to the wall connection should remain connected.)
  8. Power off projector by pressing the power button twice. (Please note that if you need to restart the projector, the projector will need to go through a 30-40 second cool down cycle before it will restart.)
  9. Return remote to bin.

To connect laptops to the network:

Be sure to configure your laptop to use one of the following:

Problems with these rooms can be reported to the Tech Class Support Hotline at 8-777-0035 or by e-mailing Instructor laptop support is limited to connecting and displaying images. All other support will need to be provided via normal channels.

Last Updated November 11, 2016