i>clicker Getting Started - Instructors

  • To learn more about the system, review the i>clicker User's Guide (v 6.1.).

  • Send your request to clickers [at] psu [dot] edu (subject: Clicker%20Adoption)

    Your request should include:

Instructor Name

Course & Section

Building & Room of Class (if known)

An indication if you plan to use the podium computer or with an instructor-provided laptop


  • Participate in one of the following training options:

Register for training with ITS Training Services.

Participate in i>clicker live online training

Request one-on-one training by e-mailing clickers [at] psu [dot] edu (subject: Clicker%20Training%20Request)


Once your request is received, you will be contacted and provided with an instructor remote and a USB that contains the software (and receiver if using with an instructor-provided laptop).

Last Updated August 18, 2011