Classroom Control

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The Classroom Control system provides a mechanism for lecturers to control Windows student machines in teaching labs (classrooms with computers at each desk). From the podium computer, the instructor may:

  • See a map of the classroom showing who is logged on which computer;
  • View or save a class list of all the users currently logged on;
  • "Lock" all computers or a specific computer so students can't "play" while their attention is desired at the podium;
  • "Unlock" all computers or a specific computer when ready for students to work;
  • Send a message to all computers or a single user;
  • Setup computers for "eTesting" by setting the "shell", and restore computers to normal operation (available only when configured by CLC for the room).


The service is available in all CLC teaching labs via the podium Windows 7 computer and some selected classrooms managed by other units.

Please report any errors in the room maps to the unit administering the room.


  • 11/12/2015. Version has some minor changes to be compatible with upcoming change to the back-end sevice it communicates with.
  • 11/8/2012. Version fixes and error in making the class list when a user is logged onto more than one computer.
  • 10/12/2012. Version adds the computer number to the class list.
  • 9/14/2012 . Version adds a Class List function under the file menu.  It makes a comma-delimited list of logged on users that can be saved as a file or pasted into something like Excel.
  • 9/10/2012. A new version,, has been deployed everywhere, along with a new back-end web service. It should appear to start up faster now, and do a better job of waking up the classroom computers by sending another "wake-on-LAN" packet to those not responding.

Last Updated November 12, 2015