Frequently Asked Questions

I have the podium combination, but it still won't open. What do I do now?
After entering the combination, push up on the lock and then pull down. If this does not work, call the Hotline at 8-777-0035 to verify that you have the correct combination.
How often is the podium combination changed?
Once a year, just prior to the start of the fall semester. The combination is provided to all instructors scheduled to teach in a technology classroom based on information provided by the Office of the University Registrar. Additionally, the podium combination is available by calling the Hotline and verifying that you are an instructor and are scheduled to teach in a technology classroom. Every room user should take steps to keep the combination to themselves. The combination should NOT be given out freely to students. Student use of the technology classroom equipment should only take place under the guidance of the instructor or advisor who has scheduled the room.
Can student groups schedule and use technology classrooms?
Student groups at Penn State can schedule and use technology classrooms provided appropriate steps have been taken. Details can be found at Please note special restrictions apply to scheduling and using Thomas 100.
What's the difference between an ITEC, PTEC, STEC, and VTEC?
An ITEC (instructor technology) classroom contains teaching technology for use by the instructor (typically a podium with a computer and other A/V equipment, along with a video/data projector). A PTEC (projector technology) is a room euipped with a a video/data projector and speakers that can be used with an instructor-provided laptop.  An STEC (student technology) classroom contains all of the equipment available in an ITEC, along with student computer workstations. A VTEC (videoconferencing technology) has all the attributes of an ITEC along with video conferencing capabilities.
Can I download software to a computer in a technology classroom? 
Software can only be downloaded to a computer in a technology classroom by a system administrator.  Please visit our Software Request page for more information.
How can I schedule a training session?
Training is available by appointment and is typically scheduled as a one-on-one session in the room you are assigned to with the equipment you will be using. Please request your orientation at least 48 hours in advance. Due to the scheduling of these rooms, it is often not possible to meet for an orientation on short notice as rooms are difficult to reserve for training once classes start. A typical training session lasts 20-30 minutes. Email your request to
Can I call somone for training during the class change just before my class? 
This is not recommended. While our support technicians might be able to quickly demonstrate one or two functions during this time frame, the hurried pace of the session combined with students entering and exiting the room, asking questions, etc., is not conducive to an effective teaching/learning environment. We encourage technology classroom users to schedule training before the start of classes, when a more leisurely pace can be observed, interruptions are fewer, and there is plenty of time for questions to be asked and answered during the training session.
How can I use my own laptop?
Follow the instructions from the Help section to connect your personal laptop to a podium or in a PTEC.
What equipment is available in a typical technology classroom?
Information on the types of technology classrooms and equipment can be found on our Technology Classroom Overview page.
Wireless voice amplificaiton systems are standard in technology classrooms with a seating capacity of 60 or greater.

Last Updated November 28, 2014