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Custom Reports

In addition to the built-in reports that IBM BigFix includes, we offer custom Web Reports that go beyond what the pre-canned reports can provide. Building custom reports can be tricky because it usually involves a healthy combination of relevance language and Javascript. Here are a few we've authored that you may find useful:

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Last Updated January 28, 2016

SysMan Build Key Supported Models

Model USB Boot Verified Min.

Last Updated January 22, 2011

User Decided Power Management Program

The Penn State User Decided Power Management Program allows IT staff to empower their end users with ways to reduce their workstation's energy consumption while it is not in use. The program is designed to allow the end user to decide what power settings should be applied to their system and to change the settings when necessary. 

The program provides users with the ability to reduce their energy footprint, while also being flexible enough to avoid interfering with their productivity:

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Last Updated November 25, 2014

Power Footprint Dashboard

Information for Users

BigFix provides end users with cost, power usage, and carbon footprint information through the built-in Client Dashboard. Once enabled by your system administrator, your computer will begin to track the amount of time it spends in different power states (idle, sleep, hibernation). When this data is coupled with the current cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) for Penn State, the result is a visual representation of your computer’s actual power footprint on a scale with “Best Case” and “Wor

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Last Updated November 25, 2014




SysMan offers training seminars to IT staff that are interested in using IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) in their environment. Currently, we offer an introductory course for new users  of TEM, and intermediate/advanced training course for users that have completed the introductory course. We offer training events if you're interested in implementing IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager in your area.

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Last Updated October 20, 2016


IBM BigFix is licensed annually per operating system installation and by the type of operating system. In order to encourage units to apply power settings, most workstations are eligible for a centrally-funded license at least until June 20, 2017.

If a physical machine has multiple operating systems installed using virtualization technologies, each of the operating systems uses a separate license and is displayed in the BigFix console as a separate machine.

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Last Updated October 7, 2015

Power Management

When a computer is powered on but is idle and not being used, the computer is using more power than it needs to. A computer that is idle for extended periods of time can be placed into a reduced power state called standby, sometimes known as sleep. When a modern computer is placed in standby it uses about the same power as when it's turned off which is between 4 to 25 times less power compared to when it is powered on and idle.

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Last Updated November 14, 2014


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