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Print from Anywhere

ITS Labs Print from Anywhere

Need a document printed but unable visit a computer lab today? Print to select lab printers located at most Penn State campuses from anywhere using a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. Simply visit a Print Release Station within five days to release your print.

There are two ways to print from a device with internet connectivity:


ITS Labs MobilePrint

Submit jobs from a smartphone, tablet, or web browser


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Last Updated September 14, 2016

ITS Labs MobilePrint

What is MobilePrint?

ITS Labs MobilePrint enables users to upload documents from personally-owned devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops/desktops to then be released at any Print Release Station as part of ITS Labs Remote Printing. Jobs printed via MobilePrint are counted against the same semester quota that is utilized when printing in the labs, i.e. from the same 110 sheet allocation per semester.

This page describes how to upload and print documents with ITS Labs MobilePrint.

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Last Updated September 14, 2016

Printing Instructions

How to Print

To use a printer in a computer lab, simply go to "File" and then hit the "Print" button, as you would on any personal computer. If there is more than one printer in your lab, you can choose which one to send it to.

After you print the document, a message should pop up informing you if the print job was successful and how many sheets you have remaining for the semester. If no message appears, ask for help.

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Last Updated November 14, 2014

Print Credit Policy and Procedures

There are two categories of printing problems that may receive credit

Category one: no pages were printed

Several things can cause this; in some cases the user is charged for the job, while in others the job is deleted without any actual charges to the user. Verifying that the job has been charged for must be done before a credit can be given.

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Last Updated December 19, 2014

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