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Last Updated March 19, 2015

Changes in Windows 7 for Fall 2012

Default Home Folder

New users, or users who just cleared their roaming profiles, will no longer be prompted to select PASS or UDrive for a home folder at logon.  Many have found the prompt confusing and time consuming. PASS is the default selection, but the choice can be changed any time by clicking on the white paw in notification tray and selecting "Preferences" from the pop-up menu.  

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Last Updated September 19, 2012

Personalize your Windows 7 Profile

We have made our own Penn State theme for you to use that includes beautiful photos of our campus! Keep on the lookout for more themes in the future that highlight more aspects of Penn State.

To see what themes are available and to customize your themes just follow our simple 2-step guide.

First, right-click any blank area on your desktop and choose Personalize

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Last Updated September 3, 2014

Use the Start Menu Search Box

One of the most useful new features of Windows 7 is the Start Menu Search Box. Rather than trying to navigate our organizational structure for the Programs menu, you can just type in the name of the program you want and start it instantly.

The Search Box also searches files saved on your UDrive and PASS space, depending on which one you have chosen as your Home folder.

To use the Search Box just open the Start Menu (the Windows logo) and start typing.

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Last Updated January 27, 2011


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