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Windows Help: Roaming Profiles

Your roaming profile contains information about application settings and preferences, user-defined shortcuts and desktop settings, and other settings.  Various files and registry settings are downloaded to the local computer when you log on, and uploaded to a server when you log off.  You can see the files by going to C:\Users\<your-userid>\AppData\Roaming.

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Last Updated January 18, 2018

Special Hardware

We have a number of special hardware devices available to all users in our labs:

Cintiq Interactive Pen Display

Available in 144 Stuckeman

Use the pen directly on the screen to work more quickly and naturally. Pens can be checked out from the Architecture and Landscape Architecture Library in 111 Stuckeman.


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Last Updated August 17, 2017

UDrive Remote Access with Windows 2000 and XP

Summary Instructions

Just map \\\users as any letter, but click on "Connect using a different user name." in the Map Network Drive dialog box.  For "User name:", enter\xyz123 (where "xyz123" is your Access Account userid).

If you add to the "Domain Suffix Search Order" in your DNS settings, you can map \\udrive\users.

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Last Updated September 30, 2010

UDrive UBackup Service

Every day at 4:00am a "snapshot" of the entire UDrive is taken on UBackup, which holds a real-time copy of UDrive data in addition to several weeks of daily snapshots.  If you need a copy of a file that you accidentally erased or edited, it may be in this alternate location.

Please keep in mind:

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Last Updated November 14, 2014


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