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UDrive Remote Access with Windows 7

Before you begin

Please go through the important essential authentication steps before connecting to the UDrive.

Map the UDrive

Open the Start menu and type computer into the Search Box.

Click Map Network Drive up at the top of the window.

Choose whatever drive letter you'd like (we recommend X).

Type in \\udrive.win.psu.edu\users\first initial\middle initial\Access Account ID into the Folder field.

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Last Updated October 9, 2012

Essential Authentication Information

We recommend that users install the MapPsuSpace program because it makes connecting to the UDrive and PASS space much easier.

If you do not wish to install that program, or you rather not map the UDrive as a letter but instead use the "UNC" directly, a "reg" file to set the registry is in this zip file if you have XP (see below for Windows 2000).  The contents of that file are:

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Last Updated January 27, 2011

UDrive Remote Access with Windows 2000 and XP

Summary Instructions

Just map \\udrive.win.psu.edu\users as any letter, but click on "Connect using a different user name." in the Map Network Drive dialog box.  For "User name:", enter dce.psu.edu\xyz123 (where "xyz123" is your Access Account userid).

If you add win.psu.edu to the "Domain Suffix Search Order" in your DNS settings, you can map \\udrive\users.

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Last Updated September 30, 2010


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