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The Information Technology Services (ITS) Alerts System is a rapid-delivery method used to distribute timely information on major ITS services, unexpected outages, and maintenance schedules to the Penn State community.
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Core Wireless Network Opitmization

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 16:11
During the 5-7AM Maintenance window on August 24th 2017 ENCS will be preforming some optimization work on the core wireless infrastructure. During that time frame, clients on the wireless may experience intermittent connectivity. The disruptions should be brief, however we have reserved the entire maintenance window.

Reference ServiceNOW Change CHG0043783

Data Center Firewall Management Server Maintenance 8/25/17 6:00 AM

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 14:04
On 8/25/17 at 6:00 am, the Palo Alto Data Center Firewall Management Server, Panorama ( aka, will undergo maintenance. Panorama will be unavailable starting at 6:00 am until approximately 6:30 am.

While the maintenance occurs the physical firewall appliances will continue to forward traffic and generate logs normally, but firewall policy changes and viewing firewall logs in Panorama will not be available until the maintenance is complete.

This work is being tracked in CHG0043779. Maintenance

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 13:11
On Tuesday, August 29, 2017, during the regularly scheduled maintenance window (5-7 AM), Penn State Enterprise IT will enable Transport Layer Security (connections will use HTTPS) for the web interface of in order to improve the privacy and security of the service.
There will be an approximately five minute outage while the change is implemented. The change will automatically apply to all connections, no other action is necessary.
This change is being tracked in Service Now: CHG0043661.

Known Issue impacting Yammer

Wed, 08/23/2017 - 10:46
An issue impacting Yammer has been brought to the attention of the IT Service Desk. Currently this issue is causing slowness and loading errors with Yammer. Enterprise IT staff is notifying Microsoft and investigating the issue.

The IT Service Desk will continue to post updates to this alert as more information becomes available.

PASS problem

Tue, 08/22/2017 - 11:35
Penn State IT staff are working on a problem with PASS that started around 9:02 am this morning. Some users may have trouble reaching files in PASS. Web servers such as may be slow or unresponsive.

Friends of Penn State Log In Issue in Canvas

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 19:15
Some Friends of Penn State users are experiencing issues in accessing Canvas. An update will be posted when more information becomes available.

Wireless Maintenance: Eduroam SSID

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 16:24
On Tuesday, 8-22, during the standard EIT maintenance window, there will be a brief disruption for users of the eduroam SSID while the client IP subnet range is changed to increase client capacity. Devices connected to the eduroam SSID during this maintenance window should be able to reacquire an IP address following this change; however, for some devices a disconnect/reconnect to the eduroam SSID may be required. For more details, please reference SNOW change CHG0043714.

Resolved: Known Error impacted Penn State Network (Wired and Wireless)

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 15:41
Shortly before 2:00 PM, Penn State IT observed a brief, but widespread disruption of network connectivity which included both wired and wireless services. Services were restored within one minute, and staff are investigating the cause.

Signature station decommissioning—September 5

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 14:54
The old method of visiting a Penn State signature station to activate a Penn State Access Account has been updated to a more convenient, online activation process. As a result, a University-wide decommissioning of signature stations will take place on September 5. Refer to Penn State News article

Known Error impacting AT&T Wifi

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 12:58
As of Friday, August 18, at 10:25 AM, the AT&T wifi (attwifi) network has been experiencing a disruption across multiple locations. Penn State IT staff have been working with AT&T to restore connectivity as soon as possible. The affected locations are:

- Administrative and Classroom buildings at all Commonwealth Campuses
- 32 buildings at University Park (Academic Activities, Academic Projects, Ag Analytical, Amy Gardner House, Beaver Hall, Beecher Dock House, Benedict House, Bennett Family Center, Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, Central Bio Lab, Coal Utilization Lab, Deer Pens, East Area Locker Room, Forest Resources Lab, Fundamental Research, Greenberg Ice Pavilion, Land & Water Research, Lasch Football, Materials Research Lab, Nittany Community Center, Pollock Building, Pollock Commons, Pollock Landscape Depot, Research Units A, B, C, D, Solar Home, Supplemental Mail Room, Transportation Research, and Technology Support Building

Resolved: degraded state

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 09:33
As of 08:22 the issue impacting was resolved.

ANGEL to be unavailable from 5-7 a.m. (ET) on Wednesday, Aug. 23

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 10:31
Penn State Enterprise IT will be installing system updates (patching) on Wednesday, Aug. 23 from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. (ET) that will require ANGEL to be unavailable during this time. Once patching has been completed, users will again be able to access ANGEL.

The estimated resolution date and time is Aug. 23, 2017 at 7 a.m.

Wireless Authentication Failures

Tue, 08/15/2017 - 12:18
This morning during the Maintenance Window, an update was applied to the servers that support authentication for Wireless at PSU to improve performance and capacity for student arrival. Authentication may now fail for a small percentage of users who did not experience failure previously due to a change in the way identity information is handled. This situation was specifically tested but the behavior did not appear in testing.

Instructions are being prepared with screenshots to help users update their configuration. This alert will be updated when the instructions are available.

ANGEL to be unavailable from 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. (ET) on Tuesday, 8/15

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 16:01
Penn State Enterprise IT will perform maintenance on Tuesday, August 15 from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. (ET) that will require ANGEL to be unavailable during this time. Once maintenance has been completed, users will again be able to access ANGEL.

Voice Services Maintenance Work

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 14:12
Tuesday night, August 15 from 11:00 p.m. to Wednesday morning, August 16 7:00 a.m. Penn State IT will perform work on the Voice
Service Network. During this time, users may experience brief delays with inbound and outbound voice calls.

Snow Change, CHG0043486

Electronic Theses and Dissertations (eTD), Honor Theses (eHT), and ScholarSphere Service Interruption 8/17/2017

Mon, 08/14/2017 - 12:39
There will be a brief interruption of Electronic Theses and Dissertations (eTD), Honor Theses (eHT), and ScholarSphere during the 5-7 a.m. (EDT) maintenance window on Thursday, August 17th.

Resolved: Known Error impacted Canvas

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 13:18
An issue impacting Canvas was brought to the attention of the IT Service Desk. The issue was causing interruption in accessing Canvas pages. The Instructure team was made aware of the issue and implemented a hot-fix to restore access to Canvas. Canvas should now be operational.

Box Notes problem

Tue, 08/08/2017 - 11:17
Box Notes problem. Some Users May Experience Issues Loading Box Notes
Box Engineers are looking into an issue that may be preventing Box Notes from loading in the Box Web Application and Notes Desktop Application for some users.

Red Hat Satellite server emergency maintenance starting at 7:00pm today.

Mon, 08/07/2017 - 19:27
The Penn State Red Hat Satellite server ( will be taken offline at 7:00pm today for emergency maintenance. This maintenance should fix the issues that some people have been experiencing with over the past week. The maintenance should take about an hour, but the satellite will likely run in a degraded state for a few more hours while it rebuilds metadata.

PASS problems

Mon, 08/07/2017 - 19:12
Starting just before 6pm, PASS admins noticed some problems and are working stabilizing the cluster. Some nodes have unmounted filesystems. Users may see errors connecting to PASS or accessing files while this problem is occurring.