CLC provides facilities, support, and services for student computing labs and technology classrooms, and related services.  We hope to exceed just deploying technology by making it useful and user-friendly for faculty and students. We evaluate current and emerging technologies for their potentially appropriate role in our educational community.  We are also committed to assisting people with disabilities by providing access to adaptive technologies. We welcome suggestions from other units to ensure that our facilities and services are relevant and consistent.


Lab Computer Support (LCS)

LCS is the front line support team for the student computer labs and central services. We integrate the results from other CLC groups into production facilities that we deploy for use by faculty and students.  We provide the first line of support for all problems within these facilities, and partner with other CLC groups in developing improvements to our facilities.

Technology Classroom Support (TCS)

TCS is the front line support team for the technology in the general-purpose classrooms at University Park.

Mac and Linux Systems Development Group

Develops and maintains Macintosh and Linux Servers and system software in support of CLC and other groups. Installs and maintains Macintosh applications for Student Computing Labs, Technology Classrooms, Signature Stations and Registrar Kiosks and Linux applications for Student Computing Labs and Technology Classrooms. Supports ITS Streaming Video Services. Provides a Linux cluster for faculty and students.

Networks and Infrastructure

Develops and maintains networks, servers, and systems software in support of CLC and other groups and some University-wide services such as Adobe Connect.

Windows Applications Group

Installs and maintains Windows applications on lab and classroom computers.

University Services

Develops and maintins servers for, and provides support for, University-wide services ITS Printing Services; Cooperative Lab Management, Systems Management @ Penn State, and distributed storage for Media Commons locations.

Last Updated November 21, 2014