Snow Leopard Penn State VPN Configuration

This is UNOFFICIAL documentation for configuring the Built-In Cisco VPN client in Mac OS X 10.6.0 (Build 10A432), "Snow Leopard". Please do NOT contact us for support, please contact the ITS Helpdesk for support.

Starting with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard", Apple has included a native built-in Cisco VPN client which works great with Penn State's VPN. Read below for quick steps on how to configure it for the "ISPtoPSU" (outside of PSU networks) and "ITS Wireless at University Park" (used with the "pennstate" wireless network).


Anyone could easily add additional entries for the other many profiles included in the Cisco VPN client - launch the Cisco VPNClient application, select the "Connection Entry" that you normally use, click "Modify" icon at the top, and copy down the Host field and in the "Group Authentication" section write down the "Name" field which the password will match.


  1. Within Snow Leopard, under the Apple menu, select "System Preferences..." and click the "Network" preference icon.
  2. Once the Network system pref pane is displayed, click the + icon in the lower left corner to add a new network interface:

  3. Select VPN under Interface:

  4. Select Cisco IPSec under VPN Type:

  5. In the Service Name field add "ISPtoPSU" to the beginning of the Service Name field:

  6. In the Server Address: field enter and your Penn State Access ID ("jde6" in this case, but use your own ID, please :-) in the Account Name: field, then click the Authentication Settings... button:

  7. In the new sheet dialog enter in psuconnect in both the Shared Secret: and Group Name fields and click the OK button:

  8. Click the checkbox next to Show VPN status in menu bar and then click the Apply button to save all settings:

  9. When outside of Penn State's networks, select the VPN menu bar item and select Connect ISPtoPSU VPN (Cisco IPSec):

  10. Enter in your Penn State Access ID and password and click the OK button:

  11. To disconnect from the VPN select the VPN menu bar icon and select Disconnect ISPtoPSU VPN:

  12. Creating other VPN settings is easy! Go back to step 2 above and click the + icon to create another VPN network interface, change the Interface to VPN, VPN type to Cisco IPsec, and this time enter in ITS Wireless at University Park to the start of the Service Name field:

  13. Enter in for the Server Address: field, your userid, and click the Authentication Settings... button:

  14. Enter in pennstate for both the Shared Secret and Group Name fields and click the OK button:

  15. You're done! Please contact the ITS helpdesk for support. If you are a system administrator of Mac OS X at Penn State, please consider joining the Penn State Macintosh System Admins group.

Last Updated October 1, 2010