BIC 3.0 Screen Shots

Here are the first screen shots of BIC 3.0! Keep in mind these are VERY alpha, but I wanted to get them out for early feedback. These will be changing still - more white space, additional UI elements for features, and general layout.


The major goals of BIC 3.0:

  • Enable running with admin rights and no need to enter in passwords.
  • Update firmware settings via setregproptool to support the newest Macs.
  • Add basic disk partitioning before restoring the main system image.
  • Unify the user interface and stages into a single window.
  • Standardize as much of the user interface elements as possible.
  • Enable going back and forward in the stages.
  • Expose hidden features in the user interface elements which were only accessible via the workflow preferences.
  • Make it much easier for me to add new features and stages as needed.

Screen shots of BIC v3.0a2 (4/15/2012):

Demo Videos of BIC v3.0a2 (4/15/2012):

  • Auto-run of BIC v3.0a2 on a NetBoot Image, restoring over HTTP:
  • Auto-run of BIC v3.0a2 on a NetBoot Image, restoring via auto-mounted AFP Server, using the documented method to securely auto-mount an AFP server:

Last Updated February 6, 2015