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Updated 09/16/2004
This documentation is publically viewable but is intended for Penn State internal use only.

These instructions below are for how to use the PSU Mac Lab Build DVD to restore a Macintosh managed by the CLC group.

IMPORTANT: Only use a build DVD when the Mac that is being restored does NOT need to be ready for use within the next 18 hours. If you need the Mac to be ready within a few hours refer to the PSU FireWire HD Build Docs.

The total initial DVD restore time plus the time for the Radmind update to finish is quite long; There's a lot of additional data to download that was not included in the image restored by the DVD build.

  1. The Mac that you intend to build must be capable of reading DVD-R discs. All of the lab Macs, excluding SOME of the older G4 towers (dark grey) should be able to read the DVD-R discs.
  2. Get the newest PSU Mac Lab Build DVD from Justin's office.
  3. Power on the Mac and immediately press and hold the OPTION and the EJECT keys. The OPTION key will bring up the boot device screen and the EJECT key will eject the CD drive tray.
  4. Place the DVD in the optical drive tray and close it.
  5. IF a padlock, entry field and arrow appear, this Mac's Open Firmware security has been enabled. Enter in the lab or sig station password and click the right arrow:

  6. On the boot devices screen click the icon of the DVD and click the right arrow. If you do not see an icon of the DVD, click the left most "circle arrow" to re-scan for bootable devices:

  7. NOTE: If the boot picker screen does NOT appear when pressing the OPTION key, it's possible that one of the USB devices (zip drive, media reader, keyboard, mouse, etc.) is bad. If the boot picker screen does NOT appear, try the following:
    1. Power down the Mac and then unplug ALL of the USB devices, except the keyboard and mouse.
    2. Power on the Mac again and hold the OPTION key.
    3. If the boot picker screen STILL does not appear, try another keyboard and mouse. If that works, then the keyboard could be bad. If the boot picker screen doesn't appear when a known to be good keyboard is plugged in, then one of the USB devices is bad. To determine which USB device is bad, power down the Mac and connect each USB device ONE at a time and then power on the Mac and press the keyboard's OPTION key again. If the password dialog/boot picker screen doesn't appear, then the USB device that was just plugged in is suspect.
  8. The Mac will then start to boot from the DVD. Depending on the speed of the optical drive and the Mac, it could take anywhere from 8 to 12 minutes to boot completely. This is as fast as it will boot - please be patient!
  9. Once the Blast Image Config dialog appears enter in the password for the lcsadmin userid and click the OK button:

  10. The Open Firmware settings will be automatically set.
  11. Once the Configure Date and Time dialog appears enter in the correct date and time. Click the Apply button, and then click the Continue button:

  12. The Enter Network Settings dialog will appear. Enter in the IP address, subnet mask and router for this Mac. Click the Save Network Settings button:

  13. The DNS Server Settings will be automatically entered and saved.
  14. The Computer Names will be automatically created and set.
  15. The main restore dialog will appear and the default Disk Image will be selected. Assuming that there's at least 1 disk available and that the restore disk is large enough, the restore process will start automatically. The restore process of the compressed image (8.44 GB of data) will take around 1 hour or so to complete:

  16. Once the restore is complete, these tasks will be automatically executed:
    1. Apply the specified network settings to the restored disk
    2. Create the boot blocks and set the open firmware boot device to the restored disk
    3. Restart (Reboot)
  17. IMPORTANT : Eject the bootable DVD BEFORE logging in to force a refresh. Once the Mac has rebooted and the Mac OS X login screen appears, PRESS THE EJECT KEY to remove the bootable restore DVD BEFORE logging in.
  18. Login with the lcsadmin account and force a refresh by double clicking the psuForceRadmindUpdate icon in the window that opens:

  19. NOTE: If you forgot to eject the build DVD at restart time, login as lcsadmin and drag the icon of the PSU Build DVD icon to the dock's "eject" icon (the trash can on the dock will change to an eject icon when a volume is being dragged):

  20. Note that a radmind update will take many hours depending on the amount of the data there is to download and the network speeds, etc.
  21. When you're finished with the bootable restore DVD, please return the build DVD to Justin's office.
  22. If you suspect that a DVD is having problems booting or restoring PLEASE return the DVD to Justin and tell him. Do not throw away the DVD even if it's having problems.
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