Create BIC NetBoot Image

It's very easy to add Blast Image Config to a NetBoot image! Here are the basic steps:

  1. Set up a "golden master" Mac that auto-launches BIC at login time. On OS X Lion, add it to the Login Items tab in the Users & Groups Systems Pref pane. Be sure to do this as an admin user, as BIC will need to run with admin rights. It's up to you if you want the Mac to auto-login or not at power up; It depends on if you want just anyone to run the BIC auto-restore NetBoot image.
  2. Configure the workflow(s) as you'd like. For a NetBoot image it's strongly recommended to restore images over the network from an ASR Multicast, HTTP, AFP or SMB/CIFS network server.
  3. Reboot your golden master Mac and boot up from another volume, as you'll be creating an image of the Master Mac and you'll want to do it when there are no open files.
  4. Download and install the appropriate version of Apple's Server Admin tools that your Mac OS X Server is running. You can install these tools on any Mac - it doesn't just have to be installed on your OS X server.
  5. Launch System Image Utility and create a NetBoot image from the Master Mac disk volume. This can take some time depending on how much data there is on your golden master Mac.
  6. Copy and add the resulting NetBoot Image (MasterMacNetBootImage.nbi folder) to the 'NetBootSPn' folder on your OS X server. (The NetBoot service creates share points for storing NetBoot and NetInstall images in /Library/NetBoot/ on each volume you enable and names them NetBootSPn, where n is 0 for the first share point and increases by 1 for each extra share point.)
  7. Enable Netboot on your OS X server, enable the image (.nbi) and make sure that you also enable "Diskless" mode for your master netboot image.
  8. NetBoot the new Mac you want to image (Hold the "N" key down at bootup until you see the globe) and away you go! If your server is hosting multiple NetBoot images, select the one that you created for BIC.

Apple has excellent online documentation on OS X Server and all services that it provides. If you are new to OS X server we highly recommend referring to their documentation for further details on NetBoot and other Apple technologies.

Last Updated February 26, 2015