Mobile Ports

This service was retired on June 30, 2012.  Use had fallen off dramatically in recent years as wireless connectivity improved.  Also, the hardware used was discontinued by the manufacturer and no equivalent is available.

This page will be kept for a while since other pages may link to it.  Old content was:

This service provides authentication (password verification) and access control for mobile computer network ports secured by Karl Bridge firewalls or Extreme Network switches throughout Penn State.

Mobile ports are Ethernet jacks around the University where you can plug in a personal laptop or other computer and get a high-speed connection. Yes, the ports aren't mobile, but your computer is. You must have a PSU Access Account to access the network when plugging into these.

The majority of these ports are managed by TNS, but some are maintained by individual colleges and campuses.

Announced 6/22/2011: This service will be discontinued on June 30, 2012.  Users should migrate to wireless connections.  In some locations departments may support access control on open Ethernet ports with the 802.1x protocol or other methods.  Contact your local IT Support group.  See the announcement here.


Last Updated April 20, 2017