Meeting@PennState (powered by Adobe Connect)

Adobe Connect

Service Overview

The Meeting@PennState Service utilizes Adobe®Connect to provide a web conferencing solution for online web meetings, elearning, and webinars.  Faculty and Staff can create meeting rooms and invite students, Friends of Penn State (FPS), and even external guests to participate.  Please visit for more information on using the service.

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe®Connect an enterprise-level software solution available to the Penn State Community. Adobe®Connect offers a convenient, web-based solution for collaboration that includes video, voice, chat, interactive application sharing, presentations, whiteboards, and live polling.  Sessions can be recorded, edited, and downloaded for future viewing.  Adobe®Connect can also be used for desktop sharing, group meetings, and lectures.  See our Use Cases page to see the many creative ways our Faculty and Staff are using the service.

Service Description

This service is provided free of charge by Information Technology Services (ITS) for use by faculty, staff, and students of to benefit academics, pedagogy, collaboration, research, and much more.  Some departments have seen a significant cost savings by holding meetings on-line versus traveling to remote locations.

ITS provides:

  • Three dedicated (virtual) servers hosting
  • Full integration of Adobe Connect with the University's single sign-on solution.
  • Full redundancy of service at the power, application, database, and content levels.
  • A back-end database and data backup.
  • A backup instance of the server at a DR site.
  • A for-fee service that provides flawless audio connection and recordings (MeetingOne).
  • 24-7 service maintenance and support.

The customer must provide:

  • A computer suitable for use with Adobe Connect.
  • A valid Penn State Access Account or Friends of Penn State Account.

The Meeting@PennState service requires that the user's computer have the correct version of Adobe Flash installed and a sufficiently fast Internet connection.  You can test your machine to see if you are ready to connect by clicking the following link:

Adobe Connect supports the use of video and audio sharing.  The audio can be supplied from a microphone attached to your computer or through your phone line using a Penn State supported telephony service call MeetingOne that is integrated with our systems.  This telephony service is a part of the web conferencing solution that requires a charge to the department or individual using it.  If you are interested in using MeetingOne, please visit Reservation-less Audio Conferencing.

Users who need to navigate the Adobe Connect interface without the use of a mouse or trackpad can use a set of keyboard shortcuts listed at

ITS Training Services provides training on Adobe Connect from the end-user perspective.  You can find out about, and register for, the training at

If you have any questions not answered here or in, feel free to e-mail the Adobe Connect team at

Last Updated November 11, 2016