Linux Cluster Software

The ITS Linux Cluster is maintained with the Engineering students in mind. We will try to accommodate as many software packages as we can. If you would like to see something added to this list, please use our Help Request Form.

If you have problems with any of the software on the machines, please check the Frequently Asked Questions page first, as your issue may be addressed there. If you need assistance, please use our Help Request Form.

Common Programs

There are many programs on the Linux machines that perform the same functions as many Windows programs. Here is information for some of the more common programs and their features.

  • Email: Evolution is very similar in appearance and functionality to Microsoft Outlook. 
  • Web Browsing: The popular web browser Firefox
  • Office Suite: The office suite we currently have on the Linux Cluster is LibreOffice 4. This suite has programs that are similar to and compatible with programs in the Microsoft Office Suite. They are listed below with the name of the Microsoft program and the LibreOffice counterpart.
    • Microsoft Word - LibreOffice Writer
    • Microsoft PowerPoint - LibreOffice Impress
    • Microsoft Excel - LibreOffice Calc
    • Microsoft Project - LibreOffice Project Management
  • Instant Messaging: Pidgin (replaced Gaim) is the default instant messaging software that is compatible with Aim, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC.
  • File Transfer/FTP: Filezilla is a graphical FTP application. From the command line, you can use FTP or sFTP (a secure FTP application).

The core operating system we are using is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.x. We chose Red Hat because it is the most widely accredited Linux distribution for many Engineering packages. If you would like to know if a particular package is installed, run the command "rpm -qa |grep -i " followed by the name of the software package at a terminal prompt. This will search the 'installed rpm packages' database.

Software List

The following is a list of software packages we maintain on the Linux computers. We have listed some software of interest, included in the RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x distribution.

Specialized Engineering and Other Applications
Application Version Use
R 3.3.1 Statistical Language and Environment with Graphics
RStudio 0.98 Statistical Language and Environment with Graphics
Programming Tools
Application Version Use
GNU c/c++ 4.7.7-4 GNU c/c++ Compiler
PERL 5.16.3 Programming Language
Python 2.7.5 and 3.4.3 Programming Language
Common Applications
Application Version Use
Firefox 45 Web browsing
Gimp 2.8 Graphics design/editing
Gedit 3.14 Graphic text editor
LibreOffice 4.3.7 Document, spreadsheet, and presentation creation
Pidgin 2.10 A multiprotocol instant messaging client
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Last Updated August 18, 2016