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While IBM BigFix is at the core of our services, SysMan is more than just BigFix.

We develop and provide many other tools and resources that automate, de-duplicate, reduce the cost of, and otherwise greatly simplify the management of computer systems. Using our tools and resources, IT staff can more effectively manage their systems and provide better support for their users, and end-users can more effectively and easily use their systems.


IBM BigFix is powerful, but it's also complex. We regularly provide free training webinars and classes for IT staff just starting out with BigFix as well as for seasoned vets looking to get the most out of BigFix and SysMan. More Info

SysMan Build Key

Install Windows or Mac OS X with the BigFix client in as little as five minutes of your time using our customized Build Key! Take advantage of the same tool that we use to image, automatically deploy software to, and remotely rebuild 10,000+ lab computers. More Info

Software Sharing

SysMan Software Sharing is a service component that allows IT staff throughout Penn State to easily share and leverage each other's software installation content using BigFix. The SysMan Team automates (and vets) the packaging, creating, and testing of several hundred installation packages so that all you have to do is deploy. More Info

Power Management Utilities

SysMan provides two Windows utilities that complement the power management features built into BigFix. These utilities are designed to help IT staff prevent workstations from entering StandBy while performing system maintenance tasks. More Info

Web Wake-Up

Web Wake-Up allows IT staff as well as end-users to remotely wake up their workstations that are using power management settings. Web Wake-Up is a web-based utility accessibly from anywhere and leverages BigFix's built-in power management features to send Wake-on-LAN packets to workstations. IT staff can delegate "wake-up rights" so that users can remotely wake up their systems when they're out of the office and need to access their workstations. More Info

User-Decided Power Management

The User-Decided Power Management program (UDPM) gives end-users the ability to play an active role in reducing power consumption. Users can decide what power settings to use and can easily change them at any time. More Info

Custom Reports

In addition to the built-in reports that BigFix provides, we offer custom Web Reports that provide more detailed information and Penn State-specific reports. For example, our application search report can help you determine how many clients have an application installed, and what version they're using; our Adobe ETLA reports make it simple to report your installation base to Software@Penn State. More Info

System Warranty Tools

These utilities, for both Windows and Mac, provide IT staff with accurate and detailed lifecycle information about the systems they manage. Warranty information is retrieved automatically, and it's all integrated into the BigFix console. More Info

Software Self-Service Administration

The Self Service app, for both Windows and Mac, provide IT staff with the ability to offer tasks to users. Offers to users appear on their systems with standard system notifications, allowing users to install software and resolve issues. More Info

Last Updated February 14, 2017