Getting Started

If you're interested in using SysMan services to manage your workstations, please contact us via this form

Below is a brief explanation of how the sign-up process works.

Initial Steps

In order to create an "area" in BigFix for your workstations and IT staff, we'll need to work with your unit to gather a few important details, fill out paperwork, and identify IT staff that are participating in the service:

  1. Contact us via this form; be sure to include the name of your unit and how many workstations you're planning to use SysMan services on.  We'll check if your Administrative Area has signed the Memo of Understanding (MOU) for the service and, if not, assist you in completing this document.
  2. Based on the size and structure of your unit, we'll assist you with designing a division structure that best groups your workstations as well as the management rights associated with them.
  3. Depending on what your division structure looks like, we'll ask you to assign the the IT staff in your area that you wish to be SysMan Administrators for each division.
  4. To set up and use their console operator accounts for BigFix, each IT staff member needs to attend one of the following:
    • SysMan FastTrack Orientation, a 1-hour introduction to BigFix designed to get you up-and-running quickly.
    • SysMan Boot Camp, a 4-hour introduction to BigFix with several hands-on exercises and examples.
  5. After attending one of the above sessions and getting approval from your unit's Division Manager, IT staff will be granted administrative control to each division they are assigned. 

Firewall Configuration

The SysMan Team will provide unit IT staff a small list of firewall exceptions that must be applied to hardware firewalls that are in front of client workstations. There are also exceptions that should be applied to the software firewalls on client workstations. Once these rules are in place, BigFix will be able to correctly communicate with clients that are on your network.

Client Installers

Once IT staff have been assigned to their division(s), they will have access to a network share that contains the BigFix installers. There are two packages that must be installed in order for each workstation to be correctly provisioned into the appropriate division:

  1. The BigFix Agent installer, which installs the BigFix client.
  2. The Division Installer, which determines what division(s) that client workstation is assigned to

It's important that both of these packages are installed. Without both of these packages, the workstation will not register with the root server or appear in the BigFix console.


IT staff that participate in SysMan will also have access to technical documentation and resources on our SysMan SharePoint site (SysMan access only).

More Information

For additional information, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Questions may also be sent to us via this form.

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Last Updated October 7, 2015