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SysMan provides tools and techniques to help you better manage your workstations:

  • IBM BigFix - A powerful, cross-platform systems management suite for remotely managing and monitoring workstations.
  • SysMan Build Key - Save time by automating your system imaging and build process.
  • Training and Support - Learn how to use BigFix to improve systems management and reduce power consumption.
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A centrally-provided service based on
IBM BigFix.

Penn State’s implementation of IBM BigFix is designed to save IT staff time and licensing costs by maintaining a single BigFix infrastructure centrally for all areas of Penn State. While it is a single environment, control is fully delegated to the local IT staff.

Efficient Systems Management for Everyone

Systems Management @ Penn State aims to provide IT staff throughout the University with several valuable systems management capabilities:

  • Security - Software and Operating System patch management features help protect systems from both vulnerabilities, which are a constant threat to computers on the Penn State network.
  • Asset Intelligence - The advanced hardware and software inventory features provide real-time reporting of assets for greater visibility in their environment.
  • Software Deployment - BigFix’s software deployment technology allows IT staff to create, deploy, and share unattended software installation packages as well as configure system settings, regardless of a pre-existing infrastructure such as Active Directory.
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"Green" IT

Systems Management @ Penn State works to provide consistent and reliable ways to configure power management without impacting workstation usability and manageability. The IBM BigFix platform enables IT staff at Penn State to remotely configure power settings so that workstations enter a power-saving state when idle. It can also control how and when machines resume from standby through Wake-on-LAN and scheduled wakeups.

Reducing the power consumption of idle computers can significantly lower Penn State's power and cooling costs. IT admins can rapidly configure power-saving settings in order to save energy and participate in the University’s green initiatives.

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Our Mission: Efficient Systems Management for Everyone

Systems Management @ Penn State (SysMan) aims to provide IT staff throughout the University with several valuable and consistent systems management capabilities to reduce duplication of effort in OS provisioning and deployment, application installation and configuration, patching and updating, device and deployment security, power management, asset intelligence, and problem determination and remediation. The end-goal of our service is to enable IT departments to manage endpoints more efficiently and ultimately provide a better IT support experience to end users.

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SYSMAN095: SysMan FastTrack Orientation
March 29, 1:30PM to 2:30PM Zoom Meeting Register Here


SYSMAN101: SysMan Boot Camp
April 10, 1:00PM to 4:00PM Wagner 116 Register Here


SYSMAN201: Creating Custom Content*


SYSMAN202: Software Packaging and Deployment for Windows*


SYSMAN203: Software Packaging and Deployment for Macs*




Note: You must attend SysMan Boot Camp or SysMan FastTrack before attending the Creating Custom Content or Software Packaging and Deployment sessions.

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Last Updated March 20, 2018