CLM Power Management

We recognize that there is a huge opportunity to reduce energy consumption and drive down energy costs for the University by implementing power saving settings on CLM workstations. Because of that, we have put a significant amount of time and effort into creating aggressive power schemes for CLM workstations that help save energy while having minimal impact to the end user experience.

Default Power Profiles

By default, each CLM workstation actually receives two power profiles. One profile is active when a user is logged onto the workstation, and the other profile is active when no user is logged onto the workstation. This is done so that workstation does not enter standby while someone is using it, and so that the monitor stays on longer as well. When there is no longer an active user at the workstation, we switch to a very agressive profile to save as much power as possible.

Unless explicitly excluded, all CLM computers are automatically added to one of two BigFix Groups:

  • Standard Lab Computers - Most CLM workstations are added to this group.
  • Podium Computers - CLM workstations that are placed at podiums or lecterns and used by instructors and presenters are grouped into this category.

Standard Lab Computers

Profile Name Monitor Off Hard Disk Off Standby
CLM User 45-45-XX 45 45 Never
CLM No User 5-10-15 5 10 15

 Note: On standard lab computers, users are automatically logged off a CLM workstation after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Podium Computers

For podium workstations, we apply slightly less agressive power profiles to prevent lectures and presentations from being disrupted by things like the monitor turning off or the workstation entering standby.

Profile Name Monitor Off Hard Disk Off Standby
CLM Podium User 120-180-XX 120 180 Never
CLM Podium No User 15-20-30 15 20 30

 Note: On podium computers, users are automatically logged off 2 hours of inactivity.

Power Management Exclusions

In some cases, system administrators may want to exclude some of their CLM workstations from the default power profile so that they can use their own. A BigFix task is available can be used to exclude workstations from the standard power management schemes. There's also a task to include any previously excluded computers in the default power schemes again.

Additional Power Management Settings

We also deploy tasks that configure the following on every CLM workstation:

  • Enable Wake-On-LAN by Magic Packet on all network adapters on the computer
  • Enable Wake-On-LAN in the Dell BIOS
  • Enable Wake-On-LAN Forwarding
  • Configure Power Monitoring Service to keep the computer awake for at least 2 hours after rebooting on Thursday mornings

Every night, CLM workstations will resume from standby at a random time and reboot so that any updates or software installations that are pending will be applied. If someone is using the workstation at the time, the reboot will no occur until they log off. After the reboot, the  workstation will remain up for several minutes. On Thursday mornings, workstations remain up for at least 2 hours after their reboot to give them plenty of time to apply updates and software installs through BigFix.

Last Updated March 14, 2014