UDrive File Storage

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Windows Server File Storage

The UDrive is a central file service provided via Windows servers for Penn State users. You can store up to 1GB on your UDrive.  Files will be stored for as long as your Access Account is active.  If the computer you use is Windows, setting folder and file permissions is a little easier than doing the same with PASS space, since native Windows permissions are used.  Also, because of the much smaller size, a self-service restore from backup system is available where you may be able to retrieve old files or files erased from the UDrive.

All Windows CLM-based systems also use the UDrive for storing your Desktop items.

Important Note: The UDrive is designed to store personal data that is classified as Low or Moderate. If you wish to store data that is classified as High or Restricted, you should not store it on the UDrive and instead use storage designed for these types of classifications. For more information on how data is classified as well as acceptable storage locations, see University Policy AD95 and the Office of Information Security's Information Classification Decision Tool.

Connect to the UDrive

From a Computer Lab

From your own computer

UDrive features

Sharing & Privacy: Share files and folders with others

UBackup: UDrive's backup service

Privacy Note

The files in your UDrive cannot be accessed by other users unless you share them. However, the names of the files and folders in just your home folder, not any subfolders within your UDrive, are visible to everyone. This makes sharing specific folders much easier.

If you don't want anyone to see the names of some files, then put them in a subfolder.

Help and Support

If you need technical support for an issue with the UDrive service contact the ITS Helpdesk either by email or by phone at 814-865-HELP.

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Last Updated February 23, 2018