Disk Space At Penn State

Picture of a disk drive

Store and Access Your Files Online

Penn State offers multiple ways for you to store and access your personal files from any computer connected to the internet or in the labs.

On Windows 7 Lab and Classroom computers you are automatically connected to PASS and UDrive file servers, with these disk letters:

  • U: UDrive all users root folder
  • V: UDrive your home folder
  • W: PASS all users root folder
  • X: PASS your home folder

See links below for help in accessing these locations from your own computer.


Online File Storage

Box (New for 2014): Up to 50GB of cloud storage (login)

PASS: Up to 10GB of storage, hosted on PSU Unix servers

UDrive: 500MB of storage, hosted on PSU Windows servers

Storage for instructional use: File storage on the Angel Course management system


Last Updated August 20, 2014